Letters for Libraries
Letter Writing Campaign 2017

Just as important as testifying, but without the excitement of parking near the LOB in Hartford!

From now until March 25, CLA is sponsoring a letter writing campaign. The goal is to send as many hand-written letters of support for library funding (specifically for borrowITCT, formerly known as Connecticard) to members of the legislature as possible. We will be holding events around the state, and will be posting information about when and where as it becomes available. 

Below is all the information you will need to host a succesful letter writing event:

Step-by-step instructions, including links and email contacts

Talking Points

Tracking Sheet

Expense Sheet

Impact of Loss of Federal Funding

Testimony of Ken Wiggin, State Librarian

borrowITCT infographic

Sample Letter of Vince Juliano

Sample Letter of Karen Jensen

ALA's Library Advocacy Handbook


Scholarships Available

The Connecticut Library Association is pleased to announce that it will, once again, award scholarships at its annual meeting, which will be held at the Mystic Marriott on May 5, 2017.  A total of $4,750 will be awarded from funds provided by CLA and the Association of Connecticut Library Boards (ACLB). The areas of study eligible for scholarship support have been expanded this year. For complete details, click here. Applications and supporting materials will only be accepted electronically; the application can be accessed by clicking here.


#CTPlaces - Advocates for Humanities, Libraries, History & Preservation


The Connecticut Library Association is a member of The CTPlaces Coalition, a group of humanities, history, preservation, and library organizations working together to advocate for what keeps Connecticut a special place. 

Cooperating members of The CTPlaces Coalition include: Connecticut Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History, Connecticut Historical Society, Connecticut Humanities, Connecticut League of History Organizations, Connecticut Library Association, Connecticut Library Consortium, Connecticut State Library, and the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

The Connecticut Library Association, CLC and the Connecticut State Library have joined #CTPlaces because we believe that by working with other organizations to raise awareness of all of our advocacy goals, we can build a larger group of supporters across the state. This coalition will supplement, not replace, our own library advocacy efforts.

We look forward to working with you in the months ahead as effective advocates on behalf of the critical issues we care about.


Joint ALA/CLA Student Membership Available

Library school students are eligible to join both ALA and the Connecticut Library Association at one low price of $38.00 a year. Join both state and national library associations and get connected to your future. Joint student members are full members of both associations, and receive all the benefits accorded to student members in each association. For ALA it includes: 6 issues of American Libraries magazine, weekly e-delivery of AL Direct, bi-monthly Student Direct, discounts on ALA and Division conferences, 10% discounts on ALA Editions and Graphics; Access to ALA scholarships, grants and travel opportunities.

For more information, or to join, visit: ctlibraryassociation.org/join.php

Advocate for Connecticut's Libraries

CLA is offering the following tools to help with advocacy efforts:

Connecticut Library Association

2016 CT Libraries Fact Sheet
2016 Making the Case for CT Library Funding
Connecticut State Library
2016 CT State Library Fact Sheet and ROI
deliverIT infographic
borrowIT infographic
researchIT infographic

Connecticut Library Consortium

 2016 CLC Fact Sheet


  ROI Calculator-Spreadsheet that was mentioned in Libby Post's advocacy training sessions

Sign up to become a library advocate!
You will be contacted by CLA with (infrequent) advocacy alerts when your action is needed in support of libraries. Encourage your co-workers, board, friends groups and patrons to sign up as well!


Upcoming Events

2017 CLA Annual Conference
Register today! Uncharted Waters: Navigating the Changing Tides in Librarianship
May 04, 2017 8:00 AM EDT to May 05, 2017 6:00 PM EDT
Exhibitor Registration for 2017 CLA Annual Conference
You are invited to display your company’s products and/or services at the 126th Annual Conference of the Connecticut Library Association, to be held on Thursday, May 4, and Friday, May 5, 2017 at the Mystic Marriot Hotel & Spa in Groton, CT.
May 04, 2017 8:00 AM EDT to May 05, 2017 5:00 PM EDT