Connecticut libraries need you!

Speak Up! Show Up! Get the Facts!

 The Connecticut Library Association (CLA) is committed to standing up for all of CT’s libraries and the services they provide. We need you to be engaged in our advocacy efforts. It’s just not enough for CLA’s leadership to speak up. We need library leadership (directors and trustees), library staff, library Friends and library patrons to take a stand on behalf of CT’s libraries.

On June 26, Governor Malloy published his EXECUTIVE ORDER RESOURCE ALLOCATION PLAN FISCAL YEAR 2018 (see The State Library Summary on page B-60). This budget will go into effect on July 1, 2017. Under this plan, the Connecticut State Library would see an 18% cut to an already bare bones budget.  State funding is eliminated for the Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC) and the budgets for researchIT and materials for the State Library's law collection are cut in half. This plan will remain in effect until the Governor and the General Assembly adopts and the Governor signs either an interim or a biennium budget.

These cuts would cripple CLC, threaten Connecticut’s federal LSTA funds, and mean drastic cuts in statewide electronic resources, made available to every library and every person in Connecticut. 

CLC serves all types of Connecticut libraries by helping them strengthen their ability to serve their users through initiating and facilitating cost-effective services. Last year CLC leveraged $190,000 in State funding into $7.4 million dollars in savings for Connecticut’s libraries.

Connecticut’s public, school and academic libraries, as well as the general public would lose free online access to national newspapers, the historical Harford Courant, hundreds of business journals and informational resources, nursing journals and other important online resources.  The $1.7 million in State funding for the statewide digital library results in a $33 million cost avoidance for the State's towns, schools and colleges and universities.

The State Library serves as the Connecticut's principal law library.  The proposed cuts to the Library's budget for legal books, online legal resources, and legal journals would quickly render the Library's resources obsolete.  The general public, state agencies, and attorneys would have to turn elsewhere for current, reliable legal resources.

Further, the State Library estimates that Connecticut would lose $598,569 in federal funds for library services if the cuts in the Executive Order budget stand.  

We need you to call, write or meet with your legislators NOW. It is very important that they hear loud and clear from the library community what these cuts would mean to libraries and library service to the residents of Connecticut.

Urge them to vote for a budget that makes library services whole including funding for Cooperative Library Service Units (CLC), the Statewide Digital Library (researchIT), Interlibrary Loan Delivery Service (deliverIT) and Connecticard payments (borrowIT).  Help them understand how these cuts impact your library and library services across the state. Although the Governor’s plan is an interim plan, we need to make sure this elimination of funding does not become permanent. 

Thank you,
Glenn Grube, President, Connecticut Library Association

We are surveying the CLA, The CT Library Consortium and other allies to see if they know people who could have a decision-making role in the legislature.  We would greatly appreciate it if you would fill out this form and return it to Mary Etter.  Thank you! 

Political Contacts Questionnaire 2017

Mary Etter, South Windsor Public Library, 1550 Sullivan Ave, South Windsor, CT 06074.

Getting engaged now—signing up as a library advocate—means you’ll receive our action alerts and be able to make your voice heard for libraries.

Whether your library is directly affected by the borrowIT CT cuts or not, any cut to any State Library service impacts Connecticut libraries in critical ways. It is vitally important that the library community show their support for all state funded library services NOW, before we get further along in the budget process. We cannot be complacent.

Here's how YOU can help:

Speak Up! Show Up! Get the Facts!