Region Reps & Library Links

There are 6 CLA regions, and each has a representative that sits on the CLA Board of Directors and on the Legislative Commitee. They serve as lisaons with CLA's general membership and identify issues important to their region and report these issues to the Executive Board. Click here for a map of the regions.
Contact Info for Regional Reps:

Region 1 Sue Dowdell Beacon Falls Public Library
Region 2 Marjorie Ruschau Meriden Public Library
Region 3 Janice Wilson J. Eugene Smith Library (ECSU)
Region 4 Kymberlee Powe Easton Public Library
Region 5 Christy Billings Russell Library, Middletown 
Region 6 Kate Byroade Cragin Memorial Library, Colchester



We’re asking you to help:

  • Please sign up to be a Library Link: a librarian who accepts the assignment to identify yourself to your legislator (or two) as the person who will give them pertinent information about the CLA Legislative initiatives and who will find the answers to any questions they have about the program.  The idea of Library Links is that you develop a personal relationship with your Legislator(s) so s/he knows you’re a close, reliable source of information about libraries.
  • As a Link, issue invitations to Library events to your Legislators, follow up to encourage them to attend, and then attend with them. This applies to events at your own library as well as CLA events.
  • Whether or not you can be a Link, please attend events sponsored by the Legislative Committee so your support is evident. 

Please join us!  Make sure our story is told!  To sign up as a Link, please identify the legislators-- Senators and Representatives-- for whom you would like to serve as a Link.  Don’t worry about duplication if your legislator serves more than one city or town; we’ll let you know if more than one librarian has volunteered.  Please send your name, library, and the names of legislators you’ll contact (including District #) to: