Show Up!

Upcoming Advoacy Events and Trainings:

This Tuesday, February 21, 2017, from 4:00 pm onward is the first public hearing about the proposed budget cuts to state library programs. The hearing will take place at the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in Hartford. Here is how you can help on and before Tuesday:


  1. Show up. A large and visible number of library supporters in the audience will make a strong statement.
  2. Submit written testimony. Can't be there? This is how to be heard.
  3. Testify. We need your voice.
  4. Connect with legislators by filling out CLA's political contacts questionnaire.


Be part of the revitalized CLA Advocacy Team! 

Download Libby Post's PPT presentation from the January 2016 advocacy workshops

Download the ROI-calculator spreadsheet

 Libby Post is the President/CEO of Communication Services. A political consultant, Post has a national library advocacy practice and has been working with CLA and our partners to help strengthen our collective advocacy efforts.

  Did you miss the advocacy webinar that was presented in Spring 2015? 

See Libby Post's PPT presentation here.