Legislative Update

Please read this letter from Beth Crowley, CLA President, that has been distributed to key legislators regarding the state budget. The simple messaging is that we cannot absorb more cuts to the state library budget. Please contact Governor Malloy and all of your legislators to let them know that as stated in the letter “retaining the appropriation for library services through the special session will be critical. Citizens of all ages throughout the state rely on these services.” At the same time, it will be great if CLA leaders can send additional emails (with the same message as our letter) to the key decision makers:

Governor Malloy:  Governor.Malloy@ct.gov<mailto:Governor.Malloy@ct.gov>;  860-566-4840

Senator Martin Looney (New Haven, Hamden) – Senate President;  looney@senatedems.ct.gov<mailto:looney@senatedems.ct.gov>; 860-240-8600

Senator Bob Duff (Norwalk) – Senate Majority Leader; duff@senatedems.ct.gov<mailto:duff@senatedems.ct.gov>; 860-240-8600

Senator Beth Bye (West Hartford, Bloomfield, Farmington, Burlington) – Senate Chair of the Appropriations Committee;  bye@senatedems.ct.gov<mailto:bye@senatedems.ct.gov>; 860-240-8600

Senator John Fonfara (Hartford, Wethersfield) – Senate Chair of the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee;  fonfara@senatedems.ct.gov<mailto:fonfara@senatedems.ct.gov>; 860-240-8600

Rep. Brendan Sharkey (Hamden) – House Speaker; brendan.sharkey@cga.ct.gov<mailto:brendan.sharkey@cga.ct.gov>; 860-240-8500

Rep. Joe Aresimowicz (Berlin, Southington) – House Majority Leader; joe.aresimowicz@cga.ct.gov<mailto:joe.aresimowicz@cga.ct.gov>; 860-240-8500

Rep. Toni Walker (New Haven) – House Chair of the Appropriations Committee; toni.walker@cga.ct.gov<mailto:toni.walker@cga.ct.gov>; 860-240-8500

Rep. Jeffrey Berger (Waterbury) – House Chair of the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee; jeffrey.berger@cga.ct.gov<mailto:jeffrey.berger@cga.ct.gov>; 860-240-8500

Thanks and Go Libraries!!!! – Carl Antonucci – CLA Legislative Committee

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Joint ALA/CLA Student Membership Now Available

Library school students are eligible to join both ALA and the Connecticut Library Association at one low price of $35.00 a year. Join both state and national library associations and get connected to your future. Joint student members are full members of both associations, and receive all the benefits accorded to student members in each association. For ALA it includes: 6 issues of American Libraries magazine, weekly e-delivery of AL Direct, bi-monthly Student Direct, discounts on ALA and Division conferences, 10% discounts on ALA Editions and Graphics; Access to ALA scholarships, grants and travel opportunities.

For more information, or to join, visit: ctlibraryassociation.org/join.php

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