Financial Guidelines for Programs and Management of Sections, Committees, and Roundtables

A. Revenues
Revenues generated by section, committee and roundtable activities become part of the association's operating funds.

B. Programs

  1. Programs should be related to the section or roundtable area of library service.
  2. A budget for each program must be submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer for approval at least two months in advance of the event. The budget must be approved before any commitment for expenditure is made.
  3. Programs must recover the costs incurred in presenting them: speaker fees, travel, copying, postage, food, etc.
  4. The cost for meals must be charged to attendees and must include 6% sales tax and 15% gratuity (if applicable).
  5. Registration fee should cover costs outlined in 3 & 4 above. It is suggested that $3 be added on to cover unexpected costs.
  6. Non-members must be charged an additional $10 registration fee.
  7. There must be a cancellation agreement with the speaker stating that the program may be cancelled and that an y deposit will be returned if an agreed upon minimum number of people do not sign up for the program by the cancellation date.

C. Contracts
Contracts must be approved by the Executive Board and signed by both the President and the Secretary/Treasurer.

D. Mailings

  1. Each section may request 2 sets of mailing labels for its members from the association's office.
  2. CLA will pay the postage for 2 mailings to section members.
  3. Any additional mailings require prior authorization from the President.
  4. The actual mailing will be done by the section not the CLA office.

E. Copying
If copying costs are not provided as an In-kind service by a member. The cost must be recovered through registration fees or sales.

F. Payments

  1. Payment for on going operating expenses as authorized in the budget (Connecticut Libraries, Jobline, telephone, Stationery, Office support and so on) will be made based on an invoice from the vendor.
  2. Reimbursement for expenses is made after the fact. Members who wish to be reimbursed for expenses incurred on behalf of CLA must submit a completed "Reimbursement for Expenses" form along with the corresponding receipts or invoices.
    • Payments to members of sections, committees, roundtables, and vendors engaged by the section, committee, or roundtable are authorized by the Chair of the section, committee or roundtable.
    • Payments to Chairs of sections, committees and roundtables are authorized by the President.
    • Payments to officers are authorized by the President.
    • Payments to the President are authorized by the Vice-President.
  3. The Secretary/Treasurer will pay bills within 30 days of receipt.

G. Budgeting for Sections, Committees, Roundtables

    1. Conference Committee:
    2. The Conference Committee will draft a budget and submit It to the Budget Committee for inclusion in the annual budget. Expenditures related to the conference must be approved by one of the Conference Committee co-chairs before being submitted to the Secretary /Treasurer for payment.


      The Conference Committee is responsible for keeping conference registration records for both exhibitors and attendees. At the end of the conference a report must be submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer showing the number of registrations in each category with the total amount collected.


    1. Legislative Committee:
    2. The Legislative Committee will draft a budget and submit it to the Budget Committee for inclusion in the annual budget. CLA will annually make a donation to the ALA Washington office equal to $1 for each individual CLA membership as of Oct. 1. This donation will be included in the Legislative Committee's budget.


    1. Special Projects Budgets:
    2. Any group within CLA can propose a special project for the year. The group must submit a budget showing both revenues and expenses to the Budget Committee by August 1.


    1. Section, Committee and Roundtable Program Budgets:
    2. The Budget Committee will include revenues and expenses for section, committee and roundtable activities in the annual budget. The amounts will, be based on revenues and expenditures during the past fiscal year and any special projects which are planned.


    1. PEG Budget:
    2. PEG funds are pooled with all other CLA funds. The Secretary/Treasurer maintains a balance sheet record of PEG revenues and expenditures.


    The PEG Committee will recommend an amount for PEG grants to the Budget Committee by August 1. It is also responsible for reviewing grant applications and recommending individual awards to the Executive Board.

H. Other

  1. Phone calls must be documented with information concerning to whom the call was made, and the reason for calling. Board members must include a photocopy of the phone charge invoice, with an appropriate expense form, and submit in the usual procedure to the Treasurer for reimbursement.
  2. No section or committee shall ask for any other special projects from the CLA office without prior authorization from the President.