Jay Johnston, Carl Antonucci
June 5, 2013

Legislative Accomplishments this session:

  1. Section 13(i) of the Bonding Bill, Senate Bill 842 10,000,000 Grants-in-aid to public libraries that are not located in distressed municipalities for construction, renovations, expansions, energy conservation and handicapped accessibility, not exceeding $5,000,000.
  2. The State Library Board shall make emergency repair grants to public libraries established pursuant to this chapter for emergency repairs to buildings and equipment up to one-half of the emergency repair cost, not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars.
  3. Bill 6357 regarding grant ceilings to libraries’ CCARD payments to $10,000 for CCARD transactions and $10,000 for net plus transactions per library RESCINDED.
  4. House Bill 5614 calls for the commissioner of consumer protection, in consultation with the state librarian and the attorney general, to conduct a study of the availability of e-books to users of public libraries. The study will include information from interested third parties, including book publishers, authors and library representatives. PASSED BY A UNANIMOUS VOTE.
  5. None of the above would have been possible without the steadfast and expert lobbying by Bobby Shay

Legislative Summit:
It is essential that the association’s membership become more politically active. To that end we are calling for a legislative summit to be held at the Farmington libraries’ Barney Branch Library. This summit will call together the key people who lobbied successfully during this legislative session.

After reviewing the performance of our lobbyist Bobby Shea, the committee is in agreement that Attorney Shea has performed beyond any reasonable expectation. He has invested more time and effort than we have assigned him. It is because of his passion and his belief in libraries that he has been so successful. Therefore, we recommend, with the consent of current and past presidents, to advance a $2, 000 increase to Attorney Shay’s contract upon its July 1 renewal date.

Legislative Committee Report 2013