Financial Requests and Reimbursement Procedures

A. CLA's Reimbursement Philosophy The Connecticut Library Association (CLA henceforth) Executive Board firmly believes that a board member's financial circumstances should not be a limiting factor to member participation in the Association's activities. The CLA Executive Board authorizes policies, procedures and rates for reimbursement of reasonable expenses to board members for activities that are authorized by the CLA Executive Board.

The CLA Executive Board expects that members and contracted staff engaged in the course of Association business will show fiscal prudence in relation to all expenditures made on behalf of the association. CLA Board members and contracted staff are expected to arrange activities in a manner which would incur the least expensive costs for members and the Association whenever possible.

B. Reimbursement Procedures: Expenses shall be paid for the unit officer, committee member and/or contracted staff that incurs expenses within the budget allocations approved by the Executive board. No office, unit (i.e., committees, sections and/or roundtables) or members of the Association shall incur any expense in the name of the Association unless previously authorized by the Executive Board. Expenses of the Executive Board and CLA units for their normal operations are chargeable to the Association budget in amounts previously approved by the Executive Board. Expenses of CLA units (i.e., committees, sections, roundtables) are chargeable to appropriate unit's budget in amounts as approved by unit officers. The CLA Board approves the Association's budget and allocates specific amounts for its units.

Expenses are paid on a reimbursement basis only, and shall be in keeping with the previously approved budget of the Association and the appropriate unit. CLA officers and contracted staff are encouraged to hold meetings in sites which incur the least expensive travel costs for members and for the Association whenever possible. Reimbursement for CLA officers, executive board members and contracted staff engaged in Association business shall not exceed CLA reimbursement rates and shall conform with CLA's reimbursement policies.

All requests for reimbursements must be submitted using the Association's expense reimbursement form and include copies of all receipts and all appropriate signatures. Copies of the expense reimbursement form can be obtained via the Association's website or by contacting the Association's main offices In Middletown, Connecticut.

C. Reimbursement Rates: All unit officers and contracted staff incurring expenses while traveling on behalf of the Association are encouraged to use the least expensive form of transportation and lodging accommodations conveniently available, whenever possible.

Those unit officers and/or representatives (i.e., ALA Representative and the NELA Representative) working on behalf o the Association will be reimbursed at the current travel and per diem rates upheld by the Federal Government's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Connecticut State Library's employee reimbursement policies.
Personal Car: Mileage reimbursement is paid at the rate currently determined by the Federal Government's Internal Revenue Service. Commercial Transportation: Reimbursement is paid at the full price for the price of a roundtrip coach/economy accommodation for either air and/or rail transportation; and paid in full of the price of a roundtrip bus accommodation. Reimbursement is paid at the full price for roundtrip ground transportation (excluding private limousine and/or taxi services) to and from the airport and/or train terminals. Meals: The daily per diem allowance for meals is $50.00. Reimbursement per diem does not include alcohol. All itemized receipts must accompany requests for reimbursements. Lodging: Reimbursement will be at the full amount of a standard single hotel room for unit officers and/or representatives working on behalf of the Association requiring overnight accommodations; however, whenever possible, unit officers and/or representatives are encouraged to share the cost of a double room.

D. Budgeted Expenditures and Other Financial Requests: Committees/sections/roundtables may be responsible for, but not limited to, the following expenditures:

  • awards
  • contributions
  • donations
  • scholarships

It is the responsibility of the chairperson and/or nominating board member (i.e., suggestions for donations or contributions) to ensure that all appropriate paperwork and financial request forms are completed and submitted, so that checks for award winners, scholarship winners, approved contributions and donations are drafted and signed by the treasurer.

Approved by the CLA Executive Board, May 9, 2002.