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Connecticut Library Association
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P: (860) 346-2444
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Thank you to everyone who generously supported our Boon Supply fundraising campaign during the holiday season! Thank you for your support and your support of the Connecticut Library Association!
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What does CLA Mean to You?

CLA's Statement on Racism

The Connecticut Library Association condemns racism and injustice and is deeply saddened by the recent events in our country. We stand with the Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA), all our colleagues and library users who are subject to acts of racism, threats of violence and discrimination based on their race or ethnicity.

Libraries, by nature of their definition, are bastions of equal treatment, equal access and hope. I'm proud of Connecticut libraries as we serve our communities through these difficult times.  We're actively providing resources, and safe virtual spaces for those wishing to educate themselves, as well as supporting those who depend on us. Racism in all its forms destroys communities. Let's continue to stand together to support those who need us most.

Lisa Karim
CLA President

CLA Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Statement


CLA Today is the newsletter of the Connecticut Library Association. Read the Feb/March 2020 issue here.

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Challenge Reporting

Has your library had any recent challenges to materials? Have there been other types of challenges, such as a patron privacy, library service issue or hate crime? ALA keeps track of these challenges. You can submit any challenges using this website. All personal and institutional information will be kept confidential.

Extended NELA Membership

CLA offers an “Extended Membership” with the New England Library Association (NELA). CLA members pay a discounted fee of only $20 per year ($15 for students and retirees) when joining or renewing your CLA membership. By joining both CLA and NELA, you will receive the full benefits that each of the organizations has to offer.  

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