Passport to CT libraries

Based on the CT Wine Trail Passport Program, the Library Passport program will be held during the month of April to highlight National Library Week 2020.

Every participating library will print the template passport that the Public Libraries Section will provide, and offer it to their patrons. Each library will be responsible for stamping their visitors’ passports and giving each visitor a small gift (pencil, pen, magnet, etc).

We will be raffling off a total of four $150 gift cards, one for adults and one for children in each category.  

  • Category one: each participant who visits at least five libraries will earn a raffle ticket. 
  • Category two: each library will select the adult and the child who have visited the most libraries for submission to the Public Libraries Section. 

There will be a final "all libraries" raffle among the contestants who have visited the most libraries.

It is up to each library to decide if they wish to offer further prizes to their own patron participants. There will be a dedicated Facebook page. We hope everyone will contribute pictures during the event that highlight what makes each library spectacular.

Registration is $10 per library. The registration fees fund the raffle prizes. All registrations must be in by February 17th. Register Here.


Regional Town Hall Meetings

Initiated by the CLA Legislative Committee, town-hall style meetings were held in each of the six regions from September - November 2019. The meetings were scheduled with the help of the six CLA region representatives who coordinated with the host library and publicized the events to their region members.  All members of the library community including staff from academic, public and school libraries, Friends of the Library and trustees were invited to participate.  In total, approximately 70 members of the Connecticut library community participated. There was crossover participation in some regions as participants were encouraged to attend any meeting that was convenient whether or not it was in their region. CLA Legislative Co-Chair, Beth Crowley facilitated the discussion and members of the current CLA Executive Committee were in attendance at each meeting.  

Read the full report.

Support CLA

Please consider making a donation to the CLA Legacy Fund and help support your State professional organization.  The Legacy Fund provides one scholarship for a first-time CLA Annual Conference attendee, scholarships for staff advancing their professional degrees and Professional Enhancement Grants (PEG) annually.  It may also be used to fund expenses key to the mission of the organization.  Each donation makes a difference.

What does CLA Mean to You?


CLA Today is the newsletter of the Connecticut Library Association. Read the Feb/March 2020 issue here.

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Challenge Reporting

Has your library had any recent challenges to materials? Have there been other types of challenges, such as a patron privacy, library service issue or hate crime? ALA keeps track of these challenges. You can submit any challenges using this website. All personal and institutional information will be kept confidential.

Extended NELA Membership

CLA offers an “Extended Membership” with the New England Library Association (NELA). CLA members pay a discounted fee of only $20 per year ($15 for students and retirees) when joining or renewing your CLA membership. By joining both CLA and NELA, you will receive the full benefits that each of the organizations have to offer.  

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Apr 1

CLA Passport to Connecticut Libraries 2020

Passport to CT Libraries
12:00 AM EDT - 9:00 PM EDT

Registration for Passport to Libraries is now open!

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Apr 26

Storytime School

Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa
3:00 PM EDT - 5:00 PM EDT

A Two and a Half Day Learning Intensive for Early Career Children’s Library Professionals

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Apr 27

2020 Annual Conference Speaker Registration

Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa
7:55 AM EDT - 5:00 PM EDT

Speaker Registration Only

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Apr 27

2020 Annual Conference

Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa
8:00 AM EDT - 5:00 PM EDT

Setting Our Sights on Success

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