Thank you for your interest in joining the Connecticut Library Association! Menu links to the left will give you more information regarding member benefits and current dues rates.

We have two different membership forms - one for individuals joining, and one for institutions joining.

INDIVIDUALS: click on this member application link

INSTITUTIONS: click on this member application link

Once you have begun the process, do not refresh or click on the back arrow, until the process is complete. If you need to re-enter information, it is better to cancel and start again.

There are four categories of membership from which to choose.

1. Individual – if it’s just you, joining as a personal member

2. Institutional – if you are representing your library or institution

3. Business – if you are a business related to the library profession, you can join as a “business – individual” 

4. Joint CLA/ALA student membership
Library school students are eligible to join both ALA and the Connecticut Library Association at one low price of $40.00 a year. Join both state and national library associations and get connected to your future. Joint student members are full members of both associations, and receive all the benefits accorded to student members in each association. For ALA it includes: 6 issues of American Libraries magazine, weekly e-delivery of AL Direct, bi-monthly Student Direct, discounts on ALA and Division conferences, 10% discounts on ALA Editions and Graphics; Access to ALA scholarships, grants and travel opportunities. For more information about the joint student membership, or to apply, click here.

Within these categories are sub-categories. Please choose the dues rate of the category that best describes your interest in CLA.

First Time Members

First time members can join for just $25. Get all the benefits of membership at this introductory rate, immediately and for a full year from your date of joining. Does not apply to institutional memberships. Click here to apply.