Proficiency Enhancement Grants (PEG)

PEG (Proficiency Enhancement Grants)

* PEG provides funding to help members of the Connecticut Library Association improve their knowledge and skills. PEG funds some expenses for continuing education programs, workshops, seminars, courses, institutes, and other activities.
* PEG is especially designed for CLA members who want to learn something new, or build upon an existing knowledge base, which will improve library service. PEG is not available for course work leading to or part of a professional library degree and is not designed for attendance at events which are general in nature or for the building of expertise in areas which are not related to library service.
* The PEG Committee is comprised of the six elected CLA regional representatives. The Chair is nominated by the CLA President and serves with the approval of the Executive Board.
* Grant applications may be completed by printing the application. The form should be emailed to the PEG Chair.
* When the program/event is concluded, PEG recipients will complete a Statement of Expenses form for sending to the PEG Chair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About PEG:

Who is eligible?
Any personal member of the Connecticut Library Association may apply for a PEG award. Applicants must be members at the time the program/event occurs and at other steps during the PEG process.

Are there application deadlines?

The PEG Committee reviews applications quarterly. Quarterly deadlines are: September 1, November 1, January 2 and July 1. Applicants may receive only one PEG award per fiscal year.

How much money is available?
The annual PEG budget is $2,500. $625 is available each quarter. Any quarterly surpluses will be rolled over to the next quarter.

Is there a limit to a PEG award?
No PEG award may exceed $400.

If I receive a PEG award when will I be paid?
PEG is a reimbursement program. The PEG application must be made in advance of the program/event and payment will be received when the applicant has submitted receipts and a written report about the program/event.

What is the "written report"?

The report summarizes what happened at the program/event and discusses any impact the program/event's outcomes will have on library service. The editor of Connecticut Libraries will receive a copy of the written report and may make arrangements with the author for it to be published. The report should not exceed 600 words.

Once the program/event is concluded what kind of receipts are needed?
A clear photocopy of receipts which show PEG eligible amounts will be required. The PEG chair may request further documentation if expenses are not clearly evident. Reimbursement information is forwarded by the PEG Chairperson to the CLA Treasurer for payment.

What expenses are eligible for a PEG award?
PEG will consider funding registration, supplies and other necessary expenses directly related to the program/event.
Besides expenses for courses leading to a library degree, what other costs will PEG not support?
The PEG Committee may allow funding of travel and/or housing per diem, depending on the nature of the request. The Committee may also disallow other types of expenses at its discretion.

I have never received a PEG award before -- what are my chances?
The PEG Committee strives to make awards based on the merit of the program/event. Especially important is the applicant's statement linking the program/event to improvements in library service. All things equal, however, the Committee will give preference to first time applicants.

What are "improvements to library service" as defined by PEG?
"Library service" has been defined rather broadly since the CLA membership includes working librarians, LTAs, students, trustees, and others. "Improvements" will ultimately make our libraries more effective. It is up to the applicant to state his or her case.

Who do I contact for more information?
Please send queries to:

Peter Ciparelli, PEG Chair
[email protected]