Executive Board

Lisa Karim


Thomas Piezzo

Vice President / President Elect

Kate Byroade

Past President/Nominations

Kristina Edwards


Danielle Duffy Valenzano

Recording Secretary

Travis S. Feder

Region 1 Rep.

Susan Ray

Region 2 Rep.

Leslie McDonough

Region 3 Rep.

Geri Diorio

Region 4 Rep.

Robbie Marshall

Region 5 Rep.

Gale Bradbury

Region 6 Rep.

Erin Shea

ALA Chapter Councilor

Christy Billings

NELA Representative

Stephanie Prato

Conference co-chair, 2020

Maria Bernier

Chair, ADA Committee

Laura A Horn

Co-chair, Career Development

Shelley Holley

Co-Chair, Customer Service Committee

Denise Martens

Co-Chair, Customer Service Committee

Carl A. Antonucci

Chair, Development Committee

Samantha Lee

Chair, Intellectual Freedom Committee

Beth A Crowley

Co-Chair, Legislative Committee

Mary J. Etter

Co-Chair, Legislative Committee

Trish Tomlinson

Chair, Membership Committee

Catherine Potter

Chair, Procedures Committee

Leah Farrell

Co-chair, Publicity & Communications Committee

Carolann Slayton

Co-chair, CLASS

Michele L Kaminski

Co-Chair, Children's Section

Allison MacKenzie Murphy

Co-Chair, Children's Section

Lisa Thornell

Chair, College & University Libraries Section

Marissa Bucci

Co-chair, LGBTQ+ Section

Kristina Lareau

Co-chair, LGBTQ+ Section

Maria Zervos

Chair, Public Libraries Section

Matt Earls

Chair, Reference and Adult Services Section

Stephen Cauffman

Chair, Resource Sharing Section

Dana Hanford

Chair, Technical Services Section

Genevieve Francis

Chair, Technology Section

Samantha Connell

Co-Chair, Young Adult Section

Brittany Pearson

Co-Chair, Young Adult Section

Vivian Bordeaux

Co-Chair, BCALA

Jennifer Datum

Newsletter/Website Editor

Gerald A. Seagrave


Denise Stankovics


Ramona Burkey

Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development

Kate Robinson

CLA Lobbyist

Jennifer Oakes Keohane


Kendall F Wiggin

Connecticut State Library

Colleen Bailie

Commission on Ed. Tech.

Barbara Johnson

CAS-L rep

Lisa Comstock

CT Center for the Book rep

Frank Ridley

Friends of Connecticut Libraries

Arlene Bielefield

SCSU Liaison