Make your voice heard. 

The benefits are loud and clear.

Legislative Advocacy
CLA is Connecticut’s voice in the legislature, so by supporting CLA, you are making your voice heard in Hartford and in Washington.

Leadership Opportunity
By joining a section or committee, you can have an even stronger voice in the activities and practices of CLA. Find out more about what the sections and committees do.

Financial Support
As a member, you will receive significant discounts on professional development workshops and programs, as well as the annual conference. In addition, you are eligible for PEG (Proficiency Enhancement Grants) money, which can be used for any professional development activity.

If you are an MLS and LTA student, you may also apply for scholarships from CLA. These scholarships are administered by the Career Development Committee.

Connect with Colleagues
CLA offers a number of networking opportunities for you, from the Leadership Institute to informal meetups. And if you are interested in being mentored or mentoring someone, the Career Development Committee’s Speed Mentoring Series is for you!

Be Recognized
We know you do amazing things. And by joining CLA, you can support awards such as Outstanding Librarian, Intellectual Freedom, and Support Staff of the Year. If you’d like to help, you can also join the Awards Committee.

NEW!   In addition to these benefits related to the profession, CLA members can take advantage of two value-added benefits:   Discounts on Long Term Care Insurance and Pet Insurance.  Click here to learn more.

Benefits of Membership