CLA Membership Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need to select a region?
Each of the 6 regions has an elected representative that sits on the CLA Board. The Regional Representatives serve as liaisons with the Association’s general membership and represent its views on the Executive Board. Regional Representatives are required to identify issues important to their Region and to report these issues to the Executive Board on a semi-annual basis. The Regional Representatives serve “ex officioon the Membership Committee, the Awards Committee, the Legislative Committee, and the Proficiency Enhancement Grants Program Committee. They hold 2-year terms, and voting is restricted by region, therefore we ask you to select a region for this purpose when you join.

What if I work in 2 different libraries in 2 different regions?
In this case, it is up to you which region you choose to belong to.

Should I put my home or work address?
If you are currently working in a library, enter your work address. If you are not, or simply if you prefer, enter your home address. CLA no longer sends correspondence via postal mail.

Which email should I use? Work or personal?
Again, this is a personal preference. Almost all communication from CLA is via email, including renewal information, program registration, notification of the newsletter, surveys and voting.

What if I switch jobs or move or get a new email? How do I change my information?
When you visit the CLA website, there is a Member Area Login. Click on the “login” button, and you will be prompted to enter your email address and password (with an option to retrieve your password if you’ve forgotten it). Then select “My Account Info” from the Member Area menu on the left, and then you can make changes to your information.

What else can I do in the member area?
The Member Area will have information that is exclusive to members. In addition to updating your account info, you can view your order history or participate in any open surveys.

What if my membership expires?
The membership term is 1 year from your join date. After your expiration date has passed, you have a grace period of 2 months to renew. After the 2 month grace period, you will automatically be moved to non-member status. You can always re-join.

Who can I contact with questions or issues regarding membership?
You can call or email the CLA office: ph. (860) 346-2444 or [email protected]

Membership FAQs