Executive Board Handbook

Table of Contents

1. Meeting Dates 2019-20
2. Board of Directors Chart 2019-20 (updated 8/1/19)
3. CLA-CLC Partnership (read before planning programs)
4. Executive Board Procedures (Motions)
5. Who Can Vote
6. Connecticut Association Bylaws (July 2018 Revision)
7. Motion Form (pdf)
8. Financial Plan
9. Financial Guidelines for Programs
10. Financial Requests and Reimbursement Procedures (Reimbursement Form: pdf)

Welcome to the Executive Board of the Connecticut Library Association. Congratulations on joining your colleagues on the governing body of Connecticut's statewide professional organization for libraries and librarians. To assist you in participating fully in the organization, the following handbook has been assembled. Feel free to print out any of the information for use at meetings.

One of your first questions at a Board meeting will occur when the President asks for a vote to approve the minutes of the last meeting. You may not be certain whether or not you have voting privileges on the Board. The Bylaws grant voting privileges to some Board members, but not others. Below is a list of the Board members who may vote and a separate list of those who may not. All members, however, may speak to any issue before the Board!

Voting Board Members

  • President, First- and Second-Vice Presidents, Immediate Past President, Secretary-Treasurer, Representatives to ALA and NELA.
  • Regional Representatives and Archivist.
  • Chairs of CLA Sections: Business & Economic Development, Children's, CLASS, College & University, Extension/Special, Public Libraries, Reference & Adult Services, Resource Sharing, Technical Services, Young Adult.
  • Chairs of Standing Committees: ADA, Awards, Budget, Career Development, Conference, Customer Service, Development & Planning, Editorial, Grants, Intellectual Freedom, Legislative, Membership, Nominations, PEG, Procedures, Publicity.

NOTE: Co-chairs of sections or committees must "share" their vote; only one vote per group represented.

Non-voting Board Members
The by-laws define non-voting Board members as:

  • Chairs of Special Committees (i.e. exist only to the end of a fiscal year; usually appointed by the President and/or Board).
  • Chairs of Roundtables and Taskforces: i.e. New Members Roundtable, Public Library Awards.
  • Delegates or liaisons from library-related groups: ACLB, ACLPD, ALA/CT Black Caucus, CASL, Center for the Book, CET, CLC, Commission on Educational Technology, CT State Library, CT State Library Board, Friends of CT Libraries, Literacy Volunteers, LTA certificate program - Capital Community College, LTA certificate program - Three Rivers Community College, REFORMA, SCSU, SLA.