Sections and Committees

Sections and Committees can be thought of as professional interest groups and the work groups of the Association.  Involvement at these levels can be personally rewarding and helps to move the organization towards its goals.  Members of CLA are eligible to serve on any section or committee.  Chairs are chosen via a process outlined in the bylaws and sit on the CLA Executive Board. 


When fifteen or more members of the Association are interested in the same general field of activity they may petition the Executive Board for approval to organize a Section. Each Section has autonomy over and responsibility for the conduct of its own affairs, subject to the restrictions imposed by the bylaws of the Association.  Sections usually plan at least two programs related to their field each year—one is presented independently in the fall and another is planned for the spring CLA annual conference.  Membership in a section requires membership in CLA.  Current sections and descriptions are listed below—contact the chair (executive board contact information) for more information or to inquire about joining a section.

Children's Section
The Section strives to keep members informed on developments in children’s services in libraries and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas related to those areas of library service.

CLASS (Support Staff Section)
The object of CLASS shall be to keep its members informed on topics of interest to support staff and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas related to library services.

College & University Libraries Section
This Section keeps its members informed on developments in the area of academic librarianship, provides a forum for the exchange of ideas related to this area of library service, and plans and produces continuing education programs relevant to academic librarianship.  They also sponsor the Connecticut Information Literacy Conference each year.

Equirty, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Section
The objective of the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Section is to promote inclusive and diverse perspectives and discussion within the state’s library community. The Section will support systemic changes in order to build a more inclusive and diverse library workforce and provide for more equitable and inclusive service to the state of Connecticut’s diverse community.

LGBTQ+ Section
The object of the LGBTQ+ Section is to serve as an open forum for issues and topics pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community and to encourage an active exchange of ideas for the recommendation and implementation of best practices in library services, programs, advocacy, and rights for the LGBTQ+ communities in Connecticut libraries.

Public Library Section
The Section keeps its members informed of developments in the area of public library service and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas related to public library service.

Reference & Adult Services Section
This Section strives to provide professional development activities for librarians who are engaged in reference and adult services. We look for opportunities to bring together librarians from around the state to learn about, share, and discuss hot topics in the field, as well as creative ways to engage our patrons on a day-to-day basis. 

Resource Sharing Section
This Section encourages and promotes Resource Sharing and works actively toward the improvement of Resource Sharing services to people in Connecticut. Resource sharing incorporates activities related to interlibrary loan, including automated discovery tools, such as shared online catalogs, physical and electronic delivery, and reciprocal borrowing. The Section strives to keep members informed of best practices and developments in Resource Sharing and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas related to those areas of library service.

Technical Services Section
The Section keeps its members informed on developments in technical services in libraries and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas related to this area of library service.

Technology Section
The Section keeps its members informed of developments in library technology and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and implementation of new technology practices.

Young Adult Section
The Section is established to encourage and promote the objectives of the Connecticut Library Association, Inc. and to work toward the development and improvement of library services to people in Connecticut Libraries. The Section shall strive to keep members informed on developments in young adult services in libraries and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas related to those areas of library service.


Much of the work of the Association happens in committees, interest groups, special committees and taskforces.  Current Standing Committees and their responsibilities are listed below. Contact the chairs for more information.

This committee is chaired by the ADA Coordinator who serves as a volunteer resource for program planners. The committee advises the ADA Coordinator on matters regarding appropriate accommodations for persons with disabilities who attend meetings and programs sponsored or co-sponsored by the Association. This committee works with other CLA Sections and the library community informing them on how the ADA affects all aspects of library services.

This committee is responsible for selecting recipients and presenting the Association's awards.

Career Development
This committee is concerned with policies, procedures, and problems related to library employment, staff welfare, continuing education, career development, and recruitment. It develops and recommends policies and guidelines related to the improvement of salaries, working conditions, employer/employee relations, and informs Association members of these policies and guidelines. It is guided in its recommendations and actions by American Library Association policy statements on Collective Bargaining and Security of Employment for Library Employees, and such other policy statements as the Board may adopt. It may establish fact-finding task forces to survey, investigate, and make recommendations on matters within its purview. This committee also oversees the CLA mentorship and scholarship programs.

This committee develops annual conference plans reflecting the interests of all members of the Association. They also recommend to the Executive Board annual conference fees and sites. One member from each Section and the Treasurer will be included on this committee.

Customer Service
This committee sponsors programs and workshops to improve the customer relations skills of library personnel, and assists library administrators, governing authorities, and/or library staff in the implementation of programs to improve customer service.

Development and Planning
This committee is the research, planning and development arm of the Association and develops information and recommendations to assist the Executive Board in establishing goals for the Association. It reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of the Association and its units. It is involved in planning for the Association and for the improvement of library service in the state and region, and may develop plans, independently or in conjunction with other persons or groups, to be submitted to the Executive Board for appropriate action.

Intellectual Freedom
This committee is concerned with issues which threaten intellectual freedom and supports the rights of libraries, library users, and librarians in accordance with the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Article First of the Constitution of the State of Connecticut, and the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association. It establishes and maintains a fact-finding task force to investigate upon request alleged abuses of intellectual freedom and instances of censorship, and recommends appropriate action to the Executive Board. It joins with allied groups to initiate, support, or oppose, as appropriate, legislation and other policies related to intellectual freedom and censorship. This committee is responsible for the Association's Intellectual Freedom Handbook.

This committee is responsible for the Association's legislative program. It initiates legislation formulated by the Association. It evaluates all proposed legislation, including the State Library budget, recommends legislative positions to the Executive Board, and represents and arranges for representation at legislative hearings. It works with any legislative advocate employed by the Association and with other persons as appropriate to inform legislators of the Association's legislative positions and of the importance of libraries in meeting the information needs of the citizenry.

This committee develops and implements programs and procedures for increasing the membership of the Association. It works with the Recording Secretary to maintain current, complete, and useful membership records and to respond to member inquiries concerning membership status and policies.

PEG  (Proficiency Enhancement Grants) 
This committee seeks funds for the program, and promotes and administers it.  The committee recommends changes in award guidelines, priorities, and related procedures.

Publicity & Communications 
This committee will work to improve public awareness and perception of Connecticut libraries and the Association. It implements and supports cohesive and strategic branding and communications by the Association, and is responsible for all publications, traditional or electronic. It advances and recognizes publicity skills and accomplishments among Connecticut libraries.